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Here at Circlet the Planet we view travel safety to be a part of any executive trip. That is why we have partnered up with As Solution for any protection issues on one’s journey. Whether traveling to Lagos, Cairo or Paris when justified, Circle the Planet knows the importance of doing business in sometimes trying circumstances.


Our protection provider, AS Solution is the world leader in corporate executive protection. With the right combination of experience, expertise and client-centered approach is unique, and we protect more Fortune 500 principals than any other executive protection firm.


For international executive protection clients depend on us to provide security solutions that integrate easily within the corporation. AS Solutions does this by designing programs in accordance with corporate cultures and the personal preferences of the principals of the client. Worldwide services that scale rapidly as needed.



We partner with Blacklane for executive car service.

Blacklane offers a variety of car classes so you can choose the car which best fits your needs and budget in any part of the world. No matter which vehicle class you choose, you can look forward to a variety of high-quality cars with professional, experienced drivers in each city.Blacklane is different than other car service apps in that you schedule rides in advance. The rates are all-inclusive (including tax, tolls, tips, and meeting you inside the airport), and the system is cashless.

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