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As travel agents ourselves when we hear some people asking if travel agents still exists, we know the answer to this question. The correct answer is that travel agents are alive and well. In many cases travel agents are stronger than ever. That is why, it is an honor to remove the guess work when it comes to discounting a  high priced first or business class airfare.

For over 20 years, Circle the Planet Travel has been selling to travel agents with one thing in mind. That is to make you more money. It’s a simple premise, if you as a travel agent perhaps buying an around the world airfare, first class ticket, business class corporate airfare for a VIP client, perhaps a round trip to Dubai, looking for a discount on Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines or last minute first or business class airfare from Circle the Planet . We know that you will come back for more deals, and as we put more money in your pocket.

Nick and Circle the planet are experts at discounting first and business class airfares. I don’t know how they do it, but they always save me and my clients a ton of money.

Rosanne Snapp
Atlantic Pacific Travel/Travel Leaders
San Jose, Ca.