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Circle the Planet works closely with many  of the world’s leading airlines. We have been discounting bargain first class airfares, and cheap business class tickets for over 20 years. We know the best routes and airlines to use for each individual journey. Whether you’re on a business trip to London or Dubai or traveling on a luxury trip around the world, Circle the Planet practically invented the concept of marketing and discounting corporate airfares, corporate travel,  business travel, first class flights, first class tickets, discounted business class airfares, discounted first class airfares, luxury airfares, high end travel, discount around the world airfares, last minute first class airfares, last minute first class trips, last minute corporate airfares, first class corporate airfares, first class around the world airfares, business class around the world airfares, Star Alliance around the world, One World around the world airfares, Sky Team around the world tickets.

We’ve spent years perfecting discount first and business class travel. We offer great savings for first class airfares, the best business class airfares possible. Offering first class airfares to Europe, first class airfares to Asia, first class airfares to Australia, first class airfares to South America, first class airfares to Africa, and of course, business class airfares to Europe, business class airfares to Asia, business class airfares to Australia,  business class airfares to South America, business class airfares to Africa, discount first class around the world airfare, discount business class around the world airfares, cheap business class, bargain business class airfares, first class multi stop airfares, business class multi stop airfares, and more.

Offering discount first class airfares or discount first class tickets on Emirates Airlines, discount first class airfares on Qatar Airways, discount first class  airfares on Ethiad Airways , discount first class on Cathay Pacific, cheap first class airfares on Singapore Airlines, discount business class tickets on Delta Airlines, Air France, Lan Airlines, Lufthansa German Airways, Al Nippon, Thai Airways, Japan Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, discount business class on British Airways, Swiss Air, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Qantas Airways, Air New Zealand, Iberia, Korean Air, Asiana, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, South African Airways and more.

We also specialize in last minute corporate travel, last minute first class airfares, last minute discounted business class airfares, last minute first class airfares to Asia, last minute business class airfares to Europe.

No matter which airline alliance you may prefer, Circle the Planet can assist you achieving group savings flying with One World alliance airlines, Star Alliance member airlines, Skyteam airlines and more.

Our high end travel specialists are here to serve you. We exist to save you money on corporate or luxury travel.