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Welcome To CircleThePlanet

Home Of A Better Class Of Service, For Less.

For more than twenty years Circle the Planet has provided deep discounts in first and business class airfares to both corporate and luxury travelers. A recognized leader in the field of discount airfares. Our motto is "no ticket is too complicated to discount at Circle the Planet." While most travelers will be taking a simple round trip in business class, we also specialize in what others cannot provide you, complex multi-destination tickets, around the world airfares. Mixing and matching various airlines. While other brokers may find around the world tickets to be a challenge, we thrive on it.

We understand the need of business travelers and we can schedule discounted flights with last minute notice. Our tickets can originate from anywhere in the world. We discount all alliances, and major airlines from around the world.

Traveling in First Class? This is where Circle the Planet is at our best. In fact, the higher the airlines cost, the more you save. We serve your travel needs getting you to your destination in luxury and comfort.

Our goal is for you to pay bottom dollar to travel in the front of plane. Many of the world's greatest travel agents use Circle the Planet to find discounted luxury airfares for their clients. We've even been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. Never pay full fare again for first and business class airfares. If you prefer a certain airline, we enable you to inform us of your preference so that we can try them first.

Team Circle the Planet : Your 1st / Biz : Discount Leaders.

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We want your airline miles! To receive a quote, please complete the following information and we will respond to you within 24 hours.
For faster results, you can give us a call at
toll 1-800-799-8888
Please Note: We only accept a minimum of 45,000 miles in a single account.

Circle the Planet: In the Press


I am Nick Kontis, founder of the Around the World travel market in the United States. The name of my company is called Circle The Planet. I have assisted 1,000's of people plan fantastic trips around the world. I look forward to assisting you as well, and I specialize in not only economy , but also business class.
Call me anytime at 1-800-799-888, or is my e-mail.
Now, let's talk about your trip.
Please get back with me whenever I can help you with airfare.
Nick Kontis / Ceo
Circle The Planet
1592 Union Street #328
San Francisco, Ca. 94123

If you have a couple of minutes, below is my bio.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

I often talk to people about my world travels and how travel changed my life. Having been born in beautiful Santorini, Greece, and enlightened in the culturally diverse wonderland of San Francisco, I sometimes feel like the luckiest guy in the world. But it was my travels beyond these places that inspired me to create In 1979, at 19 years of age, I set off from Greece on a big Europe "stomp". Traveling by car, train, and bus - - by any cheap way imaginable - - I backpacked my way around the continent. I slept on army bases in Germany. I ran with the bulls in Spain and I came through major car accident in France unscathed. These and other adventures of that Euro-trip left me with a wanderlust that hasn't faded, and probably never will. In 1984, I embarked upon the journey that forever changed my life. While on the Greek Island of Ios, I met Swen and Maria from Sweden. They told me of these marvelous tickets they bought in Athens, flying on an airline that I had never heard of called Biman, Bangladesh.
They had paid $280.00 US for a multi-stopover ticket from Athens to Bombay to Dhaka, and then from Kathmandu to Rangoon to Bangkok. After two weeks with my new Swedish friends (and many of rounds of Ouzo), I decided to forfeit my return ticket to San Francisco and join them on their journey.
It was on a beach in southern India that I found my calling. I decided that my mission in life would be to make around-the-world travel affordable for Americans. I would do what no American travel agency had done to that point by bridging together a group of airline tickets to create amazingly cheap multi-stop itineraries. Since creating the affordable multi stop model, I have also focused on a business and first class model that saves people who in business and first class savings up to 60 percent off of the airlines published fares. The rest is history. I have been able to visit sixty-six countries in my travels. I consider myself very fortunate to have seen so much of the world. With this passion for travel at the forefront of my existence, it's a true please to assist as many people as I can to experience the world as I have. Nicholas C. Kontis / President / World Traveler
I may not have ever followed up with you...BUT our trip was
> EXCELLENT! The connections you arranged were SUPERB! I hardly had any
> jet lag the entire trip. You did an excellent job. Merry Christmas, Bill
> Henson (AKA: Australia/Germany/Boston)
Bill Henson, Boston, Ma.

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